quarta-feira, 12 de junho de 2013

Zoológicos, abatedouros e a cidade no século 19

Evento filmado e disponível on-line neste site.

Resumo (também retirado do site):
"In this discussion, Prof. Dorothee Brantz addressed the links between the rise of modern metropoles and the emergence of zoological gardens and industrial slaughterhouses.
What characterizes a modern metropolis? Have you ever thought about the zoo or the slaughterhouse as a marker of global economics and culture in metropolitan areas? Scholars usually explain the growth of cities in purely human terms, but this presentation also considered the important role of non-human factors for emerging metropoles. Focusing on two specific examples – the Berlin Zoo and the Chicago stockyards – Prof. Dorothee Brantz demonstrated how animals in particular have shaped the rise of these cities in a global world.

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